RSA Bodyguard Texas, Bodyguard Dallas, Houston Bodyguard
When you think of Texas Bodyguards, no
doubt, most people think of Chad and
Christy Reynolds, who hail from Dallas.

The Reynolds Family started out
working in the Gaming Commission's
Casino industry and working with the
Highway Patrol. Chad's role at the casino
was like something right out of a
Hollywood movie; such as delivering
locked cases of Million dollars drops
into a tightly secure Soft Count room. Or
even the likes of escorting high profile
entourages into the Casino's exclusive
Main Bank. While Christy worked closely
with 911 and Jackson County Sheriff's

When first arriving in Texas, The
Reynolds family never intintionally  
pursued a large firm. They simply
wanted a way to serve their clients in
Dallas as freelance Bodyguards. They
never would have guessed that their
tiny company would turn into what
became one of Texas’ most popular
Bodyguard agencies. In just nine years,
the firm now grew to a list of clientele
that includes nearly 100 celebrities, High
ranking CEOs, Attorneys  and Foreign

In recent years, Chad has closed the
original company and now helps his wife
run the Bodyguard Operations at her
firm RSA. In order to juggle these
clients; they now have a team of nearly
44 Texas DPS Licensed Bodyguards
About RSA's TEAM
For basic security training, Chad uses and
recommends his Bodyguards to train at Texas
Hundgun Academy in Dallas.
THA's Website here
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. Houston. Hanging with the Rangers in dallas
For more advanced Security and Handgun training, of
"High Risk" environments, Chad uses and
recommends the training of Jaime "Marmo" Marmalejo
at Opacus.
Marmo's contact info.
Chad Reynolds working on the set of
Little Women.
If you think you may have heard of Chad, RSA or the
Reynolds Family name, you may have seen them on
TV or read articles based on his Security exploits.
Chad and his team have been featured on a handful
of reality shows, Sirius radio, D Magazine, The Dallas
Observer and the CBS news.
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. filming bodyguard houston
Chad's third appearance on Bravo's Big Rich
Texas was anything but enduring. Painted
as a villain for simply doing his job, he
didn't receive much love from the cast.
The Bodyguard's third appearance on Big Rich Texas.
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard eva. bodygaurd houston
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. bodyguard dallas. bodyguard houston
RSA Director of Bodyguards, Chad, with Eva at Texas events. Pam Anderson using Texas' top Bodyguard firm, RSA.
RSA bodyguards wit Sofia Vergara in Houston, texas.
Reality TV
Director of Bodyguards, Chad playfully
scolds Mercy Me frontman, Bart, as he
shoots everyone with a nerf gun.
Chad Reynolds
The Texas Bodyguard
Bodyguard Dallas,
Bodyguard Houston
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As part of our Department of Public Safety licensing, the DPS Board requires each guard to be trained
in "security" related handgun and Shotgun strategic shooting by advanced Security schools. The
State of Texas' PSB board requires all bodyguard applicants to be up to date on all handgun
proficiency tests and passing scores. Our agents carry their State handgun credentials while on
The biggest mis-conception of  bodyguards and executive protection officers is that we rely on our
Knuckles and our Guns. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, to be quite frank, if we have
'rough someone up', as they say, we are typically saddened and ashamed that we didn't spot the
situation before it escalated.

The classroom is where officers learn the dynamics of protection. In the classroom, you'll learn
how to spot a threat before it happens, you'll learn how to dissect a room for the best exits, you'll
learn escape routes, evasive driving and body language warning signs
Texas sized Bodyguards for our favorite
"Little Women". Lifetime's Little Women.
Texas RSA Bodyguard, Eddie Robinson featured on
camera for TLC
Our Sports Stars
RSA Bodyguards provide protection in Texas for artists such as Mercy Me, K Michelle, Juicy J and Demi Lovato and many more.
Music & Entertainment
The 'Texas Bodyguard' as we call him,
posing with Real Housewife of Dallas
and "Jesus Juice" Diva, Brandi
RSA send their Bodyguard
Team to one Texas' Top
handgun instructors, Fred
Harkin, of Texas Handgun
Acedmy, for their yearly
Dak Prescott and Bodyguard Chad Reynolds seen on ESPN March 31st, 2017 in Dallas
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Dallas Stars and RSA
Chad Reynolds and Dak
Prescott seen on ESPN,
March 31st 2017
Chad and Trey with
our favorite clients,
The Dallas Stars.
Chad and Ruthless
Rougie Odor in
DFW airport.
On The Job

The following are some working pics of our Director
of Bodyguard Operations, Chad Reynolds, as we see
him work his magic on the job.

These pictures were of no violation of privacy to the client. They were
found publicly on the internet and given permission to publish.  
Chad Reynolds Texas Bodyguard, Bodyguard in Dallas, Bodyguard in Houston
Chad Reynolds The Texas Bodyguard
Bodyguard Dallas, Bodyguard Houston
Chad lurking in
Juicy J  tour.
Chad Reynolds Texas Bodyguard Chad Reynolds Bodyguard Houston. Bodyguard Dallas  Dallas Bodyguard Texas.
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