"I cannot thank you
the professionalism
and service you
provided to our VIPs
at The Final Four"

- Tully McAlleer
Melt Entertainment
"Chad Reynolds
went above and
beyond while
helping us with a
DeMarcus Ware at an
event in Dallas. He
even let us ride in
his personal truck.
Chad Reynolds was
simply the best."

- Emily Franklin
Duracell Batteries
"Thanks for
keeping an eye on
Sofia at the party
and at the airport...
Thanks for

PR - Manager
"Mr. Reynolds,
thanks for being by
my side while I was
in Dallas. Always in
good hands."

- Juicy J
"Mr. Reynolds, You and
your team did a
fantastic job protecting
Demarco and the other
VIPs during his annual
event. Thank you so
much for your

- Maggie Campbell
Demarco Murray
“We used Reynolds
Protection for our
client Eva Longoria
when she Texas...   
We felt confident in
their expertise and

The Anderson Group
"Please accept our
heartfelt thanks for
your security
services. You and
your team did an
excellent job!"

- Russell Simmons
To be honest, it's quite unlikely that you would recognize half the names of my clientele. Most are CEOs,
attorneys and domestic abuse victims. Yet still, my most commonly asked question about being a bodyguard
without a doubt is,
"do you know anyone famous?". Although I'm not at liberty to disclose all of my clients,
here are a few faces you may recognize.
"We would like to
thank you for the
wonderful job
your team did
with President
Musharraf during
his visit to

Raza Bookari
OGPM, North
"It is my honor to
commend Reynolds
Protection on a great
job watching over my
child while attending
(event)....Good work

- Deion Sanders
"Mr.Reynolds, i
just wanted to
thank you for your
services over New
Years. be sure to
use you again next
time I'm in Dallas.
All the

- Jesse Metcalfe
"Dear Reynolds
Protection, You guys
did a fantastic job
providing protection
for Slim Thug during
(venue). We look
forward to using your
services again next
time we're in Dallas."

- e1 Music Group, NYC
"I must applaud
bodyguard team. I
would recommend
their company to
anyone I know."

- Steven Starker
New York Mets
"The Reynolds crew
did an excellent job
providing protection
for our VIPs at the
Air Jordan event
Dallas during All Star

- Reginald E. Saunders
Global Director of
Marketing at JORDAN
a division of NIKE
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard working with demarcus ware
"Thanks so much for
handling the security
for Chicharito. We look
forward to working
with you in the future.
Great Job!"

PR - manager
"Chad, thank you so
much for your
professional services
over the holiday. You
have my loyalty
whenever I'm home in

- Mark Salling
"Chad, I appreciate
the wonderful job
that you and Barry
has done watching
over me during this
busy and chaotic
time. I appreciate all
that you do."

- Pilar Sanders
Chad Reynolds is the principal owner of Reynolds Protection LLC, Dallas Texas. Reynolds
Protection a licensed by the Department of Public Safety's Private Security Bureau B14777
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. Bodyguard in Dallas. Bodyguard in Houston. Bodyguard San Antonio. Bodyguard Austin. Bodyguard New Orleans
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Please note, these are not endorsements! They are simply testimonials from clients that
gave us permission to publish.
"We have partnered
Chad and his
team the last
s... We trust
them to have their
eye on our Dallas
Stars players
... We
highly recommend
Chad and his team

Jessica Dunn
Executive Director
Dallas Stars
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