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Chad Reynolds Texas Bodyguard. Bodyguard Dallas facebook   Chad Reynolds Bodyguard Houston. Texas
Bodyguard Linked In.  Bodyguard Dallas. Chad Reynolds The Texas Bodyguard.   Chad Reynolds is the
principal owner of Reynolds Protection LLC, Dallas Texas.
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Reynolds Protection a licensed by the Department of Public Safety's Private Security Bureau B14777
We often think of celebrities as stuck up, rude, and too good to speak to the rest of us. But there's often a reason they
feel the need to be proceed with caution around fans.  

It was 3:30 in the afternoon. My client and I, a Hollywood starlet, are approaching the lower level lobby of the Dallas
airport. It was the third time for me to tell an overzealous fan, "no autographs". The fan becomes more persistent,
perhaps to prove to his celebrity crush that he's more macho than her bodyguard. But when his one chance to profess
his love for the sitcom queen foils, he becomes emotional and angry at her.  He desperately and aggressively tries to
push past me to get closer to her. This is when I threw the fan to the ground, grabbed my client, and began sprinting to
our SUV. This is a typical day in the life of a celebrity.

I've been fortunate and honored to have nearly 100 celebrities, athletes and public figures in my protective care. Many
A-List names have put their safety in my hands and I'll remain grateful for their trust.

For rates and availably, Call, Text or click Contact to speak with me. I will be happy to  help you plan your upcoming
security needs or an upcoming celebrity appearance.
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