Standing 6 feet 2, and weighing 285 lbs; Chad Reynolds has an
imposing presence. But once you meet him, you quickly see that he
relies on his brains rather than size, while on the job.

Chad entered the security industry at a young age as a Gaming
Commission Officer, assigned to the fast paced world of the Casino
industry. His role at the casino was like something right out of a
Hollywood movie, such as delivering chained suitcases filled with
money into a tightly secure Soft Count room. Or even the likes of
escorting high profile entourages into the Casino's exclusive Main

But shortly after that, Chad and his wife Christy moved to
Texas and
they started Reynolds Protection. At first, his goal was small and
simply wanted to serve his clients as a freelance Bodyguard
. He and his wife never would have guessed that their tiny
company would turn into what is now one of Texas’ most popular
Bodyguard agencies. In just nine years, his firm now has a growing
list of clientele that includes nearly 100 celebrities, High ranking
CEOs, Attorneys  and Foreign Dignitaries. In order to juggle these
clients; he now has a team of nearly 4
4 Texas DPS Licensed
Bodyguards helping him.

His Bodyguard and Tactical training was in Biloxi, Mississippi by a
private Security team, graciously paid by a third party client. His
licensing and certifications are currently held through Texas’
Department of Public Safety under the umbrella of
Protection LLC.  He has since continued his training by the Private
Security Bureau, Robert Oatman and ASIS.
About Chad
Chad and Jenna Bush at a
Dallas charity event
Chad's mandatory handgun and security
training are all up to date and on file with the
Texas Department of Public Safety.
Verify Chad's license and training here.
For basic security training, Chad uses and recommends
Texas Hundgun Academy in Dallas.
THA's Website here
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. Houston. Hanging with the Rangers in dallas
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. hanging with the Dallas stars
Chad Reynolds The Texas Bodyguard
Bodyguard Dallas, Bodyguard Houston
For more advanced Security and Handgun training,
Chad uses and recommends the training of Jaime
"Marmo" Marmalejo at Opacus.
Marmo's contact info.
Chad Reynolds on the CBS news discussing the Bodyguard
world and the various roles that men and women both play
in Security.
If you think you may have heard of Chad's name or you
think his face looks familiar, you may have seen him on
TV or read articles based on his Security exploits.
Chad's been featured on a handful of reality shows,
Sirius radio, D Magazine, The Dallas Observer and the
CBS news.
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. filming bodyguard houston
Chad's third appearance on Bravo's Big Rich
Texas was anything but
enduring. Painted as a
villain for simply doing his job, he didn't receive
much love from the
The Bodyguard's exhausting night of breaking up cat fights
between Big Rich Texas ladies.
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard eva. bodygaurd houston
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. bodyguard dallas. bodyguard houston
Chad and Eva Longoria
arrive at her guest
appearance in San Antonio.
Pam Anderson walks on
to the red carpet with
Chad at her side.
Chad fights back laughter as a fan shares jokes with Sofia
Vergara in Houston.
Jason Terry. Chad Reynolds the texas bodyguard. Dallas. Houston
Fun Times on the Job...
Great evening of dinner and
charity hosted by Demarco
Jason "The Jet" Terry leaving
Cowboys stadium, with a friendly
escort from Reynolds Protection.
Lucky for Chad, Dallas Stars
"Enforcer" Antoine Roussel,
resisted the urge to punch anyone
at their annual charity event.
Chad and Rangers fan
favorite Rougie Odor
goofing in the  airport lobby.
chad reynolds the texas bodyguard. Bodyguard in Dallas. Bodyguard in Houston. Bodyguard San Antonio. Bodyguard Austin. Bodyguard New Orleans
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A Familiar Face
Chad playfully scolds Mercy Me
frontman, Bart, as he shoots everyone
with a nerf gun.
Chad and his crew escort well known pop
band through DFW airport.
Chad watches on nervously as Pam is
asked awkward questions.
Chad Reynolds Texas Bodyguard. Chad Reynolds Bodyguard Houston.
Bodyguard Dallas. Chad Reynolds is the principal owner of Reynolds
Protection LLC, Dallas Texas. Reynolds Protection a licensed by the
Department of Public Safety's Private Security Bureau B14777   
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Bodyguard Dallas, Bodyguard Houston
Chad Reynolds
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